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Alex Engineering Ltd

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Alex Engineering Ltd

Unit 6
Stonehouse Commercial Centre
GL10 3RD
Tel 01453 828233
Fax 01453 828234

Skips & Site Safety

Within group (Chalford Engineering Ltd) we offer the facility to supply fork lift tipping skips and site safety products

Fork lift tipping skips are supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes to to suit the customers requirementsindskip

Standard models include:-

  • Industrial tipping skip
  • Universal tipping skip
  • Eco model skip
  • Chalford mini skip




The range of site safety products include:-One of our bike racks

  • Work platforms
  • Gas bottle cages
  • Stairwell guards
  • Ladder guards
  • Fork Extensions
  • Stone carrying bins
  • Mortar bins
  • Fork mounted tipping scoops
  • Fork mounted hooks
  • Cycle racks
  • Cycle stands
  • Crane access platforms
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